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About PRI Cold Climate

PRI Cold Climate is an organization centered in Minneapolis that promotes permaculture throughout the region, fostering sustainable lifestyles and communities. We design and demonstrate permaculture systems specific to colder climates like ours, and provide leadership and resources for the permaculture community.

How to build a tumbling composter

When I first moved into my current home last August, I really wanted to compost. I built a bin out of wire fencing that I bought through craigslist and constructed a cylinder of sorts using concrete blocks (my favorite gardening … Continue reading

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Growing microgreens inside or out

As time goes on and I continue to neglect this blog, I keep learning new techniques, experimenting, and thinking, “this would be really great to post…” but never doing it. With that in mind, I bring you some practical knowledge … Continue reading

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My interview with Courtney Tchida, University of Minnesota Student Organic Farm Manager

I recently began working for Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture with Cornercopia Student Organic Farm at the University of Minnesota. My days are spent with Courtney Tchida, Cornercopia’s farm manager, MISA’s student programs coordinator, and long-time permaculture advocate. For this interview, we … Continue reading

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Autumn: a new era

It’s been awhile… September has been filled with harvest all over the region, a killer frost or two, and exciting plans for the future. In the coming week, I hope to plant garlic in my yard for harvest next summer … Continue reading

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How to build a raised bed with cinder blocks

This is actually an extremely easy thing to do. Last week I moved into a new place in the Powderhorn neighborhood, where the soil is rumored to be full of arsenic. Not wanting to bother to test for it before … Continue reading

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My interview with Northfield’s Paul Sebby: Transition Towns, time banks and energy efficiency

This week I got the chance to speak with Paul Sebby, a Transition Town activist and permaculture homesteader. Paul got into permaculture through Transition Towns, a movement “comprised of vibrant, grassroots community initiatives that seek to build community resilience in … Continue reading

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How to compost with worms: vermiculture

Composting is great. It’s a fairly simple and easy part of a sustainable lifestyle: It cuts down on your landfill contributions, creates usable nutrients for growing plants, and as I’ve been learning recently, you can do it while you play … Continue reading

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