Hello, hello, hello.

Greetings from PRI Cold Climate! We’re doing some great things this season and we want to share it with you.

Here we’ll be bringing you permaculture musings, glimpses of permaculture-inspired farms, gardens, backyards and projects going on right now in our region, and step-by-step how-to demonsrations you can do at home.

We hope to offer insight into permaculture practices specific to our colder climate and create conversations with you, the internet public. Tell us what works, what doesn’t, what makes you excited, what you’ve seen and experienced.

A local foods and sustainability enthusiast fairly new to permaculture, I’ll be learning as the season progresses, creating my own permaculture garden and exploring projects and pieces of land from integrated whole farm systems to community gardens to my windowsill.

Together we can learn to create more sustainable lives and communities through permaculture. So let’s do it.


About PRI Cold Climate

PRI Cold Climate is an organization centered in Minneapolis that promotes permaculture throughout the region, fostering sustainable lifestyles and communities. We design and demonstrate permaculture systems specific to colder climates like ours, and provide leadership and resources for the permaculture community.
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